Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why I Can't Be a Democrat

A little self-reflection can be a good thing. Aside from reminding you of what color sweat shirt you wore today, naval gazing can bring a fresh perspective on why you belive what you believe.

The key reason I can never be a Dem is that all of the Dems in Congress are liberal. If they aren't liberals at heart, they tow the lib dem line once the party leaders spell things out for them. Plus the assinine campaign finance reform law has given more power to PACs. The most powerful Democratic PACS are liberal and/or funded by George Soros, the foreign billionaire dedicated to getting the Dems back in power.

Now, as a conservative, I could change my party registration to Democrat, but what's the point? I can be a conservative and a Democrat, but why by a member of a party that I have nothing in common with on a national level?

Why am I conservative?

I believe life begins at conception. Is the fetus dead? Is the fetus any less a stage of development in the life of a human than middle age or senior adulthood? Is a person any less dead if you kill them before they are born as opposed to after? Does a woman's right to her body include the right to destroy the body of the person growing within her? No.

I believe the public at large has a right to own and carry firearms. I don't think felons, children, or the mentally challenged/mentally ill should own guns. The rest of us should take advantage of the Second Amendment and buy a firearm. Educate your children about proper gun safety. Criminals have second thoughts about robbing someone who may be armed. Firearm confiscation only disarms law-abiding citizens. Take a look at the skyrocketing amount of violence in England and Australia since those countries initiated their gun bans.

I believe I can spend my money better than the government. Taxes should be kept at a minimum. The government should provide a national defense and not much else. In my mind, there is no difference between property tax and "protection" money paid by business owners to gangs or the mafia. Why should I have to pay anyone anything to keep what I rightfully bought?

I believe in giving negotiation a fair chance. If it doesn't work, and the country is in imminent danger, kill the enemy wherever he is to be found. Something like this used to be called the Bush Doctrine. If Bush still embraced this doctrine, he would have let Israel blow Iran's nuclear facilities into small pieces.

I believe in results, not good intentions.

I believe in empowering people to help themselves, not receive gov't handouts.

I believe I will add more after I put my daughter to bed.

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