Friday, December 16, 2005

With All Due Apologies to Bob Wills . . .

Those big balls must be in Cowtown, 'cause they sure ain't in Washington.

Just yesterday we were treated to Bush (President Cave) caving yet again to John Wayne McCain on the Senator's Terrorist Bill of Rights. Who cares if McCain attached his policy to a military appropriations bill? Veto the bill and send it back. Show a little backbone for something besides the "rights" of illegal aliens, Mr. Bush. And today a passle of stone deaf GOPers sided with the Dims to prevent renewal of key portions of the Patriot Act. (Why are they deaf? It's hard to hear anything with your head rammed up your butt.) I'm sure we will all feel a lot better knowing that a federal agent hasn't had the chance to see that some of us checked out "The Joy of Sex" three times in 1995. Especially after a dirty bomb has gone off in LA.

What a bunch of gutless wonders. The only men with any stone in the whole place have pigeons crapping on their heads.

Does the majority of American people care if we slow roast a known terrorist over a low flame to save American lives? Probably not. I know I don't. Do we want to make it standard procedure? No. But if the military thinks the guy knows something that will keep Americans from dying, especially in the U.S., roll out the Kingston grill and grab the briquettes, Ethyl, it's time for Achmed medium well.

I hope the goobers in Arizona who voted for J.W. McCain throw his former-POW, sanctimonious self out with extreme prejudice next election. But they haven't demonstrated good sense so far, so why start now?

And you know what happens when those non-renewed provisions of the Patriot Act expire? Federal law-enforcement agencies lose the ability to freely share information. We get to go back to the bad old days when Clinton appointee Jamie Gorelick wrote that memo that prevented important communication between the CIA, FBI, etc.

Why didn't we connect the dots, our congress creatures asked after 911. The answer is that Clinton was only serious about two things: power and women. He didn't give a flying flip about fighting or preventing terror.

After the next attack on American soil, our congressmen will ask the same question. The answer will be clear. The safety of my family wasn't as important as making Bush look bad. The people in New York or Chicago or LA were expendable so long as McCain gets credit for making terrorists feel safer in US custody.

Maybe after the next attack in the states, our senators and representatives will let the military and the intelligence agencies do what needs to be done to win the war on terror. But I doubt it.


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